Odorization for natural gas and propane


Closed loop mercaptan delivery

Cactus offers innovative technology in the design, installation and supply of natural gas and propane odorization for leak detection.
Cactus is a recognized dealer of mercaptan used by natural gas utility companies, well sites, propane loading facilities, transmission and distribution systems.
Cactus has developed a state-of-the-art, closed loop mercaptan delivery system, which adds the odorant without the smell associated with depressurization of the odorizer.
Odorization is a necessary service that is offered by a very limited number of companies in Alberta. If you need odorization services, count on Cactus for safe, efficient delivery of mercaptan products.

Why choose Cactus?

  • on site odorant delivery
  • Cactus delivers the odorant when you need it - no storage required
  • engineering and design of new odorant systems
  • remote location odorizers available
  • closed loop delivery system means no handling of odorant

Odorization Services

Along with offering state-of-the-art odorant handling and filling (environmentally friendly, no flaring), Cactus offers a complete line of odorant services, including:

  1. Odorant System Evaluation - This includes an on site assessment and evaluation of your existing odorant facilities to ensure they are comparable with today's standards. On completion of the assessment, a report will be provided identifying required upgrades.
  2. Equipment Installation - Cactus employs certified gas fitters to ensure all odorization equipment is installed in compliance with existing codes.
  3. Third Party Odorization Monitoring - On site odorant testing to ensure the gas is properly odorized is essential to a quality odorization program. The test results will be filed to establish quality assurance history.
  4. Odorant Spill Kits - Kits are sized based on the amount of odorant at the particular job site. The product used has been tested for odorant absorption and odor suppression capabilities.

Cactus personnel have been involved in the odorization industry for more than 20 years. They have had a major influence on the development of odorant handling units and assisted in developing a monitoring program that proves the effectiveness of a quality odorization program.


The Canadian Standards Association has the following regulations in place regarding the use of odorants: "Fuel gas that is to be delivered to customers through distribution lines, or to residences associated with a compressor station, and that does not naturally possess a distinct odor to the extent that its presence in the atmosphere is readily detectable at all concentrations not less than one-fifth of the lower explosive limit, shall have an odorant added to it to make it so detectable, except that odorization shall not be necessary for such gas delivered for further processing or use where the odorant would serve no useful purpose as a warning agent. Fuel gas to be used within compressor stations shall be so odorized or electronic gas detectors that set off an alarm at a gas concentration of one-fifth of the lower explosive limit or less shall be used.

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