Commercial & industrial construction


Underground utilities, final grading & gravel hauling

Cactus cut its teeth as a company doing site prep for construction projects. Since then their services have expanded to include gravel and dirt hauling and sales, final grading and utilities installation.

Construction site prep

utilities installation, underground utilities, sewer lines, water linesgravel hauling, black dirt sales, clay supplies Cactus is available to do site preparation for commercial, industrial and residential construction projects. Site prep includes tasks like clearing brush and rocks, controlling erosion and sediment and removal of unwanted existing utilities, sewer pipes, storm drains and foundations. Site prep also includes excavation and installation of new utilities. sewer lines and water lines.


Cactus installs above ground and underground utilities, including water, sewer, natural gas and electric for residential, commercial and industrial buildings. We also offer natural gas and propane odorization services with our state-of-the-art closed loop mercaptan delivery system.

Final Grading

Cactus has experienced equipment operators capable of following your surveyor's grading instructions.

Gravel, black dirt and clay

Cactus can supply your job site with gravel, clay and black dirt.

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